Sick of paying high amounts to promote yourself on various platforms with little reach? As you may (or may not be aware) Audio cloud websites are slowly becoming a commercialised market, plagued with advertisements, download gates and charging for previously free resources....

With the steady demise of one of the most popular audio cloud websites and the monetization of yet another, the world is looking for an alternative...

This is where MusicPlug comes in!

Focusing on DJ Mixes, Tracks Podcasts and shareable content, the site is ran by the industry for the industry!

Benefits of this include -

Promotions in Premium Playlists

Longer Upload Limits

Consideration for Featured Artist Section & Staff Picks

Plus much more as the site develops...

For any musician to get ahead in today's competitive climate, need to be ahead of the game, here is your chance, join MusicPlug today!

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